What do I need Gawaana for?

From the small school festival to the national championship. We help with the planning of the event and the allocation of helpers.

Here are a few examples of where you can use Gawaana and plan your event online.



Club Celebrations



School Events

Donation Collecting

Classes Celebration


Business Events





Business Events



You organize a club party, street party, corporate event, a private party

or another event?

Keep the overview?

return slips, hang ups and endless follow-up calls? Anyone who has ever planned an event faces this problem.


Too many communication tools!

WhatsApp, Facebook, emails ... It's easy to lose track of the occupied shifts.


Helpers wanted!

Who does not know it. The club festival was discussed at the last club meeting, but not all club members were there. How do I inform and manage the helpers?


When does my shift begin?

How often does it happen that the helpers appear too late, or not at all, to the assigned shift?


It's easy with Gawaana!

Plan event online

The club members receive a link or scan the QR code and they can register as a helper. The organizer keeps the overview!

Gawaana offers a tool for communication

All information is collected centrally at the Gawaana helper portal.


Finding helpers made easy

The organizer simply sends an email to all potential helpers or instead of hanging out the helper list, he just hangs out an info with a QR code. Then the helpers can register easily.


Calendar entry for my shift!

As soon as the helper subscribes, he receives the calendar entry via email.

Accepting the invitation, and the helper will be reminded prior his shift begins.