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You are planning an event and need to schedule helpers? You are right here!

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That's the past. Here you can centrally manage and inform your helpers!

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Here your helpers can register themselves to the shifts!

Helper planning online

With Gawaana your helper planning becomes a breeze!

You are planning an event?

With us, you can instantly create shift plans and publish.

Save time

Stop return slips, hang ups and endless follow-up calls.

Manage your event online and inform all helpers by email.


Base functions for free

Premium functions 3,99€

Abo 29,99€ per year 


Shift plans to PDF

Shift plans to CSV

Email notification to all helpers


Easy setup

Create event with a few clicks

How it works

Create event

After you have registered, you can create your event. You are now the organizer and can start with helper planning. You can send the link to the event directly from the portal. It is also quite easy to include the link to the event in a website. In the premium and subscription version, a QR code is also generated, which you can also send or integrate into a website.


Once you have logged in as the organizer, you can directly access your event, edit it, enter helpers, print the shift plan and much more.

User (Helper)

Then simply pass on the link to the event to your potential helpers (club members, friends, etc.). With this link, your helpers can enter directly into the desired layers.
In addition, the link should be published only to a limited extent, in order to prevent fun registrations as possible.


School Events

Donation Collecting

Classes Celebration


Business Events



Work Plans



Business Events


Sponsorship Run

Soup Kitchen

Books Club



Club Celebrations



Soup Kitchen

Street Festival


Frequently Asked Questions

As a new customer you have to register first:

After that you will receive a verification email:

After verifying your email address, you can log in:

Now you can create a premium event in the dashboard:

Then enter the coupon code:

Once the code has been accepted, you can order the Premium Event:

Enter data here:


A short guide on how to create an event.

Who does not know this, how do I inform the members of the association that the next party is coming up and helpers are needed again?

Mit Gawaana ist das ganz leicht!

First, the organizer creates the event, schedules the activities, stands, shifts and number of helpers required.

Then he can distribute the link to the helper planning to the club members. He can communicate this via email, info on the homepage or notice.

Then the club members can sign up for the activities or shifts.

The organizer keeps the overview!

Gawaana is perfect for school parties.

The organizer can plan all activities of the school festival or the school celebration with Gawaana.

Likewise, the organizer can inform the necessary helpers (parents), by posting, flyer in the mail folder or by info on the school website.

The parents can easily register and the organizer does not have to collect and evaluate return slips.

This makes every school festival a success!

With Gawaana, you can easily schedule school parties, club parties, street parties or any other event where you would like to schedule helpers.

In short, with Gawaana helper planning and helper placement can be easily done centrally online.

No matter if a small family party or a big event. The organizer always keeps the overview!

It is also possible to enter several helpers on behalf of one person in one activity. For this, the person simply has to use a different email address.

Click on the arrow below the heading:

Nun sind die Details zu sehen. Dann auf “Change” klicken:

Simply enter the new email address:

Now, the new email address entered, another helper can be added to the same activity.

Gawaana is composed of two words from Suaheli:

gawio (Division) + faana (help each other) = Gawaana

Mit den Worten Einteilung und einander helfen treffen wir genau den Punkt. Somit hilft unsere Plattform Veranstaltungen zu planen, Helfer einzuteilen und so einfach einander zu helfen.

There are 3 options after the event has been created:

  1. A link to the event will be provided. This can simply be copied and pasted into an email.
  2. The helpers can be invited via the online email form.
  3. A QR Code will be provided. This one can be simple:
    1. be inserted into a document and printed out.
    2. uploaded as a jpg file to a web page.

Gawaana ist kostenlos in der Basis Version.

Premium version is 3,99€ per event.

The Abo version costs € 29,99 per year (unlimited number of events)

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